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2. Next, not all doors are exactly the same size. The sizes of the door will vary by manufacturer. Normally this isn't much, but if your rough opening was tight, or exactly the size of the door and the jamb, you may not get the door to function properly without having room to adjust.

In tight quarters, like a Jack and Jill bathroom, standard swinging doors will eat into the limited clearance space available, gobbling up 10 or more square feet each! Pocket doors solve that problem. Wall space. When open, a swinging door occupies wall space equal to its width (usually 32-36" for an interior door).

A mirrored pocket door is a double whammy, because you get a door AND a mirror in one! Pocket Door Framing. I installed in the pocket door frame (about a year ago) when I was framing the Jack and Jill bathroom. (But I'm not judging myself.) I would have made every door a pocket door if I could have.

The standard bathroom size is two to three meters. The measurement for the door is typically 70 centimeters. There can be additional floor space as well.

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But since you're not likely to have more than one person in there at a time, this space can overlap with the space in front of the toilet. Total room length, therefore, could be 52 inches. If equipped with a pocket door, which doesn't require any swinging space like a hinged door, your tiny room could occupy a very space-efficient 11 square feet.