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The key to a simple centerpiece is letting it speak for itself and not getting too hung up on this one (relatively small) component of the party. After all, the purpose of the occasion is to enjoy spending time with other people—focus on that, and your well-done centerpiece ideas will be a pretty afterthought.

Cheap Wedding Centerpieces: 25 Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget {DIY Guide}. Depending on the size of your wedding celebrations, centerpieces could end up costing you a fortune. If you're on the hunt for ways to cut costs then these 25 DIY wedding centerpieces will be right up your alley. They're beautiful, classy and elegant - and they won't blow your budget!

Tulips are a fairly cheap flower which means they are perfect for a gorgeous and cheap wedding centerpiece. If your budget it small these under $10 centerpiece ideas are perfect. Cheap winter wedding centerpieces, with rich colors and sparkle.

32 Beautiful (and Affordable) Bridal Shower Centerpieces For inspiration, check out these amazingly creative ideas for creating bridal shower centerpieces and table decorations on a budget. Target rustic wedding centerpiece sticks, $5 for set of 3,

15 Cheap DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (That Won't Break The Bank) Grab your bridesmaids, bring along a few bottles of wine, and make it a bonding event. Together, you can DIY some pretty stunning wedding day centerpieces that will impress your guests and give you a chance to put a personal touch on your wedding — and keep you well within your budget, too!

32 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Centerpieces set the tone for an entire wedding event. For instance, we choose lanterns for vintage weddings, mason jars for a rustic theme, and gorgeous, fancy, tall designs for elegant fairy tale style weddings.