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Best Paint Color For Home Theater Room | DIY Home Design

How To Choose The Right Color For Your Media Room

Guest Post: How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Home Theater. Any bright paint colors will likely reflect light and cause issues, so when picking a color, darker is better. Some possible color combinations include violet and dark gold, pine green and navy, navy and garnet or plum and tawny brown.

The color of the room can also help reduce screen glare. When it comes to the walls and ceiling, the goal is to not use anything that would distract from the room's focal point - the screen. Cover walls with acoustic fabric, like in movie theaters. Paint the home theater a dark color, but don't use a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish paint.

If you're ready to start putting your home theater room together, one element that has to be right is the paint color you choose for the walls and or ceiling. To make the picture in your theater room really pop, you'll want a dark color for both the walls and the ceiling. Colors such as grey, dark brown, burgundy, or black are good choices.

In a room which has a lot of ambient light creeping into the room through windows or doors, you will need a white colored paint which is reflective so that there is enough amount of light being reflected from the projector screen surface.

Hey guys, I have been given permission to convert the garage into a HT room. I have some people coming over to do some mods and paint the room. Is there any type of specific paint or colour i should be aiming for? It will have a projector as well as a TV in there. I was told generally dark colour

The spackling for my home theater is almost finished so I'm going to be painting soon and I don't know what color to paint the ceiling! From what I've read, it's a really bad idea to paint the