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Flat/matte paint provides a smooth, elegant finish Flat sheens tend to absorb dirt and may be somewhat difficult to clean Keep extra paint on hand to touch up nicks and scratches in flat sheens Eggshell finishes are easier to wash than flat finishes and resist stains and scuffs

Light colors can help reflect light, making them a great choice for small or windowless spaces. Or embrace the darkness or lack of square footage with a rich, moody hue.

The higher the gloss, the better the paint finish performs in bathrooms. In older bathrooms, you will often find high-gloss finishes on all surfaces. High-gloss paints do not prevent mildew, but they make easy work when wiping down those drippy, brown stains characteristic of bathrooms. High-gloss is only one of several sheens of paint.

Whether you are painting walls, ceilings or cabinets, the choice is hands-down a semigloss paint. The semigloss finish is durable, washable and mildew-resistant. Ceilings in particular tend to

If you have drywall in the upper section in the shower or tub stall area, go for higher gloss paint. Drier areas of the bathroom need at least satin or eggshell paint sheens. Flat or matte sheens can develop water streaks and are not recommended for bathrooms. Calculate the amount of paint needed for your room.

Redecorating or remodeling a bathroom leaves you facing a range of decisions. You must choose the type of flooring to fixtures and furnishings. However, one of the very first things you'll want to think about is the bathroom paint colors, as these will help influence the appearance and design of everything else.