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Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese: The Right Ways to Store It

As with other soft cheeses, cottage cheese doesn't freeze very well. During the freezing process, cottage cheese loses some of its texture and flavor due to its liquid content. However, it can still be used in cooked dishes like lasagna, casseroles, soups, cakes and sauces.

The Philadelphia cream cheese is probably the most popular cream cheese brand in the world. Cream cheese isn't exactly cheap so what if you need to extend its shelf life? Can you freeze Philadelphia cream cheese? Yes, you can freeze Philadelphia cream cheese and the steps are quite easy.

Depending on store policies, dry-curd cottage cheese may be available for special order in bulk. Dry-curd cottage cheese is often used by people with digestive disorders because it contains minimal lactose. When dietary concerns are not an issue, ricotta cheese can be substituted in most recipes.

When freezing cottage cheese, you have to take note that it's a soft kind of cheese so when you freeze it, the fat of this cheese separates from the rest of its components. Expect if to be granny and watery after thawing it.

One option for making dry cottage cheese on your own is to rinse and drain the excess dairy liquid from the cheese curds using a colander. However, you can also use the following recipe to make dry cottage cheese from scratch.

The answer is yes, you can freeze cottage cheese. Cheese is typically something that is perfect for freezing; however, soft cheeses are a little harder to freeze than harder cheeses (like Cheddar or Gouda).