Clay House Art

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Clay House Art

Posted by Brunot Amoux on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 03:19:22

Clay House / Pizza Kiln, Weston, Wisconsin. 4,184 likes · 164 talking about this. Clay House is an art studio where you can come in and relax, have fun

Welcome to Clay Magic House ( Clay Art Craft ), In here, you can become a clay art wizard. Whether you wish to make cute figurines, gorgeous flowers, or home decorations, it's all within your reach. Clay Magic House can inspire you to handmade the most unique masterpiece which will bring the beauty and details into your everyday life, giving you that priceless feeling of satisfaction and

Product Description: Air Dry Best used to create plants like flowers and succulents After drying clay will retain its shape but can be molded using clay tools Translucent effect when molded thinly Can be mixed with Crystal Resin clay to make new colors

Product Description: Air Dry Clay is light and ductile Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors After drying, colors will remain the same and will not crack or shrink Will adhere to paper,glass, wood, styrofoam, and other materials Suitable for ages 3+ Standard Colors Include: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green

Clay House Art & Ceramics, McKinney, TX. 47 likes. Diana Michele Hawkins-Rushing Clay House Arts and Ceramics Artist and Instructor Ceramics, Painting,

Clay House Art Studio located at 2111 Schofield Avenue in Weston. Between Wiggly Field and Target, next door to Bling! Regular business hours: OPEN Tuesday NOON - 7 PM, Wednesday-Friday OPEN 11 AM - 6 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM,