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The QuickJack is a portable car lift that's perfect for your home garage or shop. This garage lift makes all your vehicle maintenance simple and convenient.

The car lift- with an estimated height of about 111 inches, allows home garage users to effectively manage their limited space. Hence, if you have a car lift like this one, you should not need to bother much on where and how to park your vehicle, even if your garage is well shared for housing other valuables.

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With all these options, there's no reason to limit your automotive doting to designer waxes, rolling two-ton car jacks, and home-entertainment-in-a-car systems. Fix up your garage because there's no rule that says your hobby has to be dirty and uncomfortable.

Start with the least expensive option: the tennis ball that hangs from the ceiling. Pull your car into its safe spot, take measurements (from the front of the garage to the point of contact on the windshield, from the side wall to the point of contact on the windshield), and pull your car back out.

That makes them ideal for installation in a home garage or shop where you work on vehicles. They are like buying a good tool bench, they provide a useful service in the shop or garage. Because of their long-term style of installation, they can also provide an excellent vehicle storage solution.