?>How To Make Flower Centerpieces With Real Flowers | DIY Home Design

How To Make Flower Centerpieces With Real Flowers | DIY Home Design

Blue mason jar centerpieces with real wood bases

Pour diamond gem vase filler into the 5" tall vases until 1.5" from the bottom. Step 3: Choose 1 faux flower bloom, such as a white dahlia or a peony. Cut the stems off as close to the bloom as possible, leaving only the flower head remaining. Step 4: Lower the blooms and fill with water.

Set your flower budget: The flowers are just one part of a wedding celebration. Added to the cost of the dress, music, reception, and gifts, the budget for flowers can just about break the bank. But in any wedding, the flowers set the tone, add color and fragrance, and are one of the things that the guests really remember.

One option is to use opaque vases and create your centerpieces in floral foam, so they'll stay in one piece even if they fall over. Another option is to empty the water from the vases, and pack things together compactly so nothing gets knocked around too badly.

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Place the stem of the flower upside down on the outside of the container for a height guide. Trim the stem with wire cutters. Sometimes faux flowers come in bunches. Don't be afraid to take the bunches apart and/or remove the leaves. Vary your heights and colors…try to make the arrangement look natural and not perfect!

Mix and Match Vessels. Line floral arrangements down your table―if you don't have enough vases, cake tins, jelly molds, and small ice buckets make surprisingly pretty containers.