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For tougher clogs, consider using a drain snake, available on Amazon or at any local hardware store, to remove hair and other debris from the trap under the bathroom sink drain. Keeping that debris from slipping further down the pipe is a great way to prevent clogs in the bathroom sink.

Therefore, the best way to clean a bathroom sink drain is to get inside the drain and pull out the clog. You can do this from the top end, if you're lucky. Otherwise, it takes just a few minutes to open up the drain from below and give everything a thorough cleaning.

Feed the cable from the auger (also called a plumbing snake) into the drain opening until you meet resistance. Once the end of the cable is touching the suspected clog, pull out an additional one foot of cable from the machine end and hold it as slack. How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink. How to

A drain snake, often called a drum auger, is the perfect tool for clearing branch drain clogs in most situations. A simple hand-operated tool, a drain snake is inexpensive and will save you considerable money over the cost of having a professional plumber visit to clear clogs.

In many modern sinks, simply unscrew the plugs; in some old sinks, a small rope keeps the plugs in place. Look under the sink, where the sink is connected to the pipe, you usually see a small stick with nuts and clips attached to the pipe.Turn the nuts to separate it - if tight, you may need pliers - tighten the clip to release the rod, then lift the drain plug.

- Drain snake Tools List for How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink: - Open-faced wrench - Bucket (to catch any excess water) Steps for How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink: 1. First, check the pop-up assembly to