Physical Therapy Table Portable

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Physical Therapy Table Portable

Posted by Brien Allete on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 21:36:57

In this video I show you the therapy table I built for JoAnn. Using 2x4's, plywood, foam padding and some fabric we had laying around the house. It cost a whopping $36.00 to build! It's working

A broad line of imaging tables, ultrasound tables, physical therapy tables, exam/treatment tables, patient positioning devices, and accessories that provide comfortable and optimized positioning. Our full line of portable massage tables, athletic training equipment, massage chairs and

Hi-lo physical therapy tables allow for a variety of treatments. Electric physical therapy tables allow physical therapists, chiropractors and trainers to manipulate and move the tables quickly and easily. Hi-lo and electric physical therapy tables available at MassageTools represent some of the best options available for healthcare professionals.

At ScripHessco, we are proud to offer more than 100 options when it comes to choosing Physical Therapy Treatment Tables and exam treatment tables. All of our medical exam tables, podiatry chairs and taping tables include a heavy-duty steel frame and are easy to maintain, strong and available in a wide selection of heights, widths and lengths.

Fedora super light weight table is ideal for the professional who demands quality, performance and value. The whole table is made by Aluminum not just the legs, so the table is very light and can last lifetime; also the the headrest is aluminum and not plastic. The table can hold up to 600lb working weight.

Dynatronics Deluxe Premium Oak Treatment Table. When you're providing treatment or therapy to people all day, the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment. The Dynatronics Premium Oak Mat Table gives you plenty of room to work and it also gives you peace of mind.