Scenery On The Prairie Little House

Little House on The Prairie Season 2 DVD Set - 40th

Scenery On The Prairie Little House

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The Little House series was always a family favorite growing up, and now is a family favorite at my own home. Yes, it can be a little over-dramatic sometimes but, with all the garbage that is on tv today, it is so refreshing to be able to watch a moral program with the whole family.

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Little House on the Prairie Museum near Independence, Kansas - This historic site consists of a reproduction cabin similar to the one in which the Ingalls family lived while on the Osage Diminished Reserve on the Kansas prairie. It also features a one-room schoolhouse, post office, and well, hand-dug by Charles Ingalls.

This TV legend began with the pilot in March of 1974, which introduced the Ingalls family to viewers around the world. The heart-warming stories of Season 1 continued to capture the attention of fans.

If you are a fan on the Little House on the Prairie books, then you will definitely want to visit the Laura Ingalls birthplace. It's a bit of a drive to get out there, but the scenery is gorgeous. Learn more about visiting the home where this beloved children's author was born.

Created by Blanche Hanalis. With Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Rachel Lindsay Greenbush. The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the nineteenth century American Midwest.