Stone Homes With Turrets

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Stone Homes With Turrets

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White Spanish style mansion with large windowless turret built into the main structure of the house (as opposed to being built on the side or corner where most turrets are built). Craigdarroch Castle The landmark Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The Stone Turret House: The front walk is made up of gravel and large pavers. The front walkway leads to a large terrace set behind a low stone wall. The front door is charming - with its small window and arch. Notice the iron balconies on the windows and above the front door.

Stone House Plans With Turrets. 1 1 2 Story Garage Plans 1 1/2 Story House Plans and 1.5 Story Floor Plans1.5 Story Home Designs. These resourcefully designed floor plans feature optimal space whether designed for additional living or storage spaces on the second floor.. 1 1/2-Story House Plans - Download Plans ImmediatelyOur 1 1/2-Story House Plans.

This is a cottage house style home tour of some houses in town and one is from my hometown Wheaton. I favor cottage house styles and if you're new here check out my cottage home tour on Mermaid Cottages.. I did not start out to do a cottage house style home tour.

Stone House Plans With Turrets Free-Scroll-Saw-Pattern Stone House Plans With Turrets : A claw hammer, wood chisel set, a hand saw, a miter box with a saw (for cutting angles), a coping saw, finish punches, flat and straight tip screwdrivers, a rubber mallet (for tapping pieces together while not damaging the wood), woodworking clamps, a wood vise, a bench plane, a rasp, a tape measure, a 12 steel rule, a 6 steel square, and dont forget the wood glue and a brush to spread the wood glue!.